Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Busy Bee

Since last week's MAJOR announcement I've been super stressed busy. So many of you bloggers in Germany or with experience have been so kind to share your wisdom with me over the course of the last week. I appreciate all the advice! We are still really excited for the opportunity and all of the adventures ahead. BUT... we have started to come to terms with the fact this process and experience isn't going to be all rainbows and smooth sailing. Based on what we've heard about the housing at Baumholder we are leaning towards leaving Brody with my gracious mother and father-in-law in lovely San Diego. I'm really heartbroken over this choice but I really feel like it would be the best thing for our precious 90 lbs golden retriever. You see with my luck (and with high probability) we'll wind up in a 900 sq ft apartment on the 4th floor. While we would definitely make the time to take Brody out on walks, we just feel like it wouldn't be fare or best to have him with us. =(
I also contacted our banks who our car loans are with and found out one of them can't be taken out of the country. BOO! Before everyone corrects me and says that "they" will only ship 1 vehicle, I already know this. But it fits our current situation best to pay out-of-pocket to ship it. So, I'll be trying to refinance the car to a bank that will allow us to take it out of the country. Chores.
I'm also hoping that my husband's command will allow him to go to the Levy Briefing so that we can have a hard copy of the orders. We all know you need them in hand to accomplish anything. Yes, I know I have approximately 5 months to get things done but I'd prefer to be ahead with time to kill versus BEHIND and scrambling. Also, we need them in order to apply for HAP before it goes bye-bye the 1st of September. Which well would save our lives but I'm thinking we won't qualify for based on when we purchased our home.
Lots to think about and lots to still do.

On top of all my "chores" I'm stressed over how to approach my new job and this PCS. I would love to talk openly about it and share my excitement with my co-workers. I just don't think it's the smart play. I'm torn though because I feel like I'm being dishonest. I have no intentions of leaving them in a lurch; and fully intend on giving them plenty of notice but I think that since I'm still so new that if I tell them the situation they'd say "Congrats, but don't come back Monday." Seriously people, from an employers perspective why would they want to invest anymore time into someone you know isn't with you long term? You wouldn't, right? Well there's my issue, I need the pay check until I leave.

Well, I'm off to convince myself that today will be better (you know, later) and that all of these things will work out for the best,  however they are supposed to.


The Undomestic Army Wife said...

Our car is financed through Citi financial if that helps! Insured through USAA. We had no problems getting them to allow us to ship the car once we had the paperwork just the way they wanted it!

Jen said...

Just found your blog; so cute :)

Scatterbrain said...

Is the possibility of small/4th floor housing the only reason you're not shipping your pooch?? Just making sure there aren't any other problems with pets that I'm not aware of.

Sounds like you're knocking out the to-do list as fast as humanly possible! Awesome!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I know it's going to sound awful but I wouldn't tell your work until it's a lot closer to the move.

TJ said...

Ok I am just catching up and YAY Germany!!!! We would love to go there possibly next :) It is going to be such an adventure and crazy hectic trying to figure out all of this before the move!

Don't stress :)

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Awe don't stress lovebug!!