Tuesday, May 25, 2010


What the "eff" is up with TV this past week? 

Lets start with Grey's Anatomy: 
I was glued to my seat the entire show... automatically (like a robot) shoving popcorn into my face with WIDE eyes! It was so intense. Everything that a finale should be! 
PS: I now have a serious crush on Owen Hunt
Pretty sure it has to do with how he stuck up for Christina. 
Am I totally alone here?

On to the Series Finale of LOST. 
What did you think? Honestly... I wanna know if people liked or hated it. 
Beware: Spoilers ahead!!!
Personally, I think the ending was complete CRAP!!! CRAP, CRAP, CRAP!!!
A BIG 2 thumbs down. 
Dead..? seriously. DEAD? 
What was with the "flash sideways" if they were dead? Did they die in the plane crash or no? I'm leaning toward No... Then how were there flash sideways'?? GRrrR!! 
If the island was real and not a form of purgatory (as some suspect) then what happened to Clair, Sawyer, Kate (and those other people) when they flew away from the island? Did they talk about their crazy experiences? 
This finale was completely ridiculous. It only succeeded in creating more questions than it resolved. It was infuriating. 
....that's all I have to say about that...

Today is the FINAL week of my first class?!  BOOP BOOP! Can you believe it?! 
I can't.
I'm super excited about this because, I really don't think I could have dealt with the individuals on my learning team for another week. I more than likely, would have hurt myself. 

It's official... I drank The Bachelorette kool-aid and it tastes yummy! 
I'm a fan. 
I know... stop rolling your eyes asking which rock I've been living under. It doesn't matter, I've crawled out from under it and I am now out and about with civilization. 
My Pick:
Jesse: A General Contractor from Kansas City, MO. 
I don't think he photographs all the well, he was totally cuter during the episode. 
Not only was he my pick, but he was the FIRST to receive a rose from Ali! 


Lisa said...

LOVE Grey's! I've missed the past couple weeks, but this episode made up for it!!

And I like Roberto and Kirk for Ali, but we'll see more soon!

Meesh said...

Hi! New reader who watched all 3 shows (ish) :)

Grey's - TOTALLY glued to the tv with tons oh "Oh my God" yelped out. Insane. And I have to say I'm thrilled that they didn't end it with a cliffhanger. We knew what happened and now we can relax this summer and not get all worked up waiting for the premiere - haha

Lost - I'm SO sad it's over. I agree that they left us with way more questions than answers. Them being dead only explained the flash sideways - that was their "purgatory" I guess. I hate that we didn't find out what happened to them after the island. Although I liked how they ended it with jack dying in the bamboo field with his eye closing.

The Bachelorette - I TRIED to stay up and watch it but I had to go to bed at 9:30 (I'm preggers and had an eventful long weekend haha) so I'm hoping to catch up online today :)

jenn said...

haven't ever watched LOST.
didn't watch greys.
didn't watch bachelorette...
but all last night on twitter everyone was talking about how pathetic the guys were.
how awful ali looked...hair color & extensions.
(kind of glad i didn't watch)

glad your class is over this week...woo-hoo!

Mrs. Tass said...

BRING BACK THE OC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ok at first i wasn't sure about lost but then the more i thought about it the more i really liked it. I guess the way i looked at it (which could be completely wrong) was that the flash sideways were like their chance at redemption because in some way or another every single character managed to redeem themselves.

Didn't Christian say that they all died at different times - some before Jack and some after - which would be how Sawyer, Kate, Lapidis, Richard, Miles all got off the island lived their lives and died later? I could be wrong i will have to rewatch it.

I guess overall i was pretty satisfied with the ending. There were still some things i wish they would have cleared up like why was walt special, what was the significance behind the numbers, etc...

It's fun to think about though... i sure am sad it's over :(

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I just watched Grey's and OH MY! I can't wait for next season. As for Lost, I still have unanswered questions but I was ok with how they ended it. I'd like to know how much time passed for when Kate and them died since they got off the island. It was confusing for sure, but I loved when they remembered. Welcome to the kool aid cooler!

Jenna said...

He was 2nd after Roberto (remember, he got the little baby rose that was sitting on the dish) hahaha.
Again -I love you love Jesse. I'm glad you're going to get into this season. It's been a while for me, and I'm excited. Yay :)

Jenna said...

Did you see Steve on my page? I mean ... really not a flattering pic. I wasn't sure if it was the pastel yellow or WHAT. ;) But, seriously -I think they could have had him switch shirts or do something. :)