Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just Friggin' Amazing! and a GIVEAWAY!

Lets just dive right in, shall we?

Recently I've been nominated for 3 awards! :) Aren't I popular!!!

Thanks to Katie! I am beautiful... and so are you my dear!

Thanks to Teri!
I have to admit I haven't checked out your blog yet. But I'll be sure to do it VERY soon!

A big thanks to ExPat Girl!

Teri and Katie please don't be offended but I'm not going to be following the rules, because the people have seen it from me before! I will however proceed with the rules from ExPat's Award:
The rules for the award are to blog about a woman (real life, celebrity or fictional) that you think is fabulous and explain why you think she rocks.
You then need to pass the award onto 5 other bloggers that you think are deserving.

FIRST: I think my sister is fabulous because she is on her FOURTH deployment in just 7 years of marriage. (You do the math... PPPSSHhh 12 months dwell-time my foot!)
She's 30 weeks pregnant and has a monstrous adorably-sassy three-year-old.

I know that my sister is just one of many. She isn't the exception, she's the rule. It's because of women who've come before me that I know I can survive my deployments. And one day (God help me) be strong enough for me and my future spawn babies.
I think she's fabulous, because she inspires me.
Love you sis!

Yes you heard me right (in the title) today we are starting my first ever giveaway!!!
Not only is it my first but it's SPONSORED. Yes... that's right people. Strap in... and get ready for this one!

So the amazing people at Borders contacted me to participate in this giveaway. Earlier today I went down to the Borders and demo'd this bad boy. It's AWESOME. I have to admit I wasn't really drawn to these. Going into it I was concerned where one gets the e-books and how they are downloaded onto the device.
Well that's just too easy!
It comes with software that helps you download books.
The one feature I was extremely surprised by was the highlighting. You can "highlight" (obviously) quotes and sections from one of the THOUSANDS (1000's) of books this lil' beauty holds.
It's really pretty awesome. I was blown away.

Now to the free-stuff.
Thanks to Borders and their support for our military this give-away is restricted.
I know, {sad face}.
But the unique packing limitations our soldiers are faced with makes them perfect for this Sony Touch Reader!
Here are the rules for this Giveaway:
You or your spouse must CURRENTLY be active-duty.
*This will be verified, if you are chosen as the winner.
All entries must be received by NO LATER than this SATURDAY, 16 Jan!!
All those eligible can reveive a MAXIMUM of 3 entries (as follows):

1: answer this question:
Will e books and readers change the way you shop for books?
2: Let me know you follow my blog.
3: Re-posting about this giveaway on your blog.
*please give URL to your "repost".

Those entering will be entering for a chance to win a Sony Touch pre-loaded with 10 top titles (selected by Borders) for their full time active-duty spouse.

Lets get it going people. I will announce the winner First Thing Sunday AM.
Entries received after 12-midnight 1/16/10 will not be accepted.

Happy Tuesday!


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Loved hearing about your respect and love for your sister...congrats on the awards!

Megan said...

I know amazon sells ebooks a lot cheaper and it's so much easier (and lighter) to pack then a bunch of big books. I definetly think it will change the way I shop for books once I actually buy one. I am a follower!

lola said...

Will e-books and readers change the way you shop for books?

Definitely! Regular books are more expensive (and heavier!) which is especially a pain when traveling. I would love to get my hands on one of those!

Also- I am a follower!

Fox Family said...

Have have heard such great things about this little booger! I looked at buying one before Christmas, but could not bring myself to spend that much money. I love to read, and if I can get less clutter, and more books then I am all for it!

I also follow your blog!

The link to my post about this great giveaway!http://amosfoxfamily.blogspot.com/2010/01/giveaway.html

Such a great giveaway, and such cute awards!

The Perfect Trio said...

Having one of these would absolutely change the way I read...I just might do more of it!!! :o)


The Perfect Trio said...

I'm a new follower of your blog!


p.s. my hubby is getting ready to deploy...

redheadchick said...

1. Will e books and readers change the way you shop for books? ~Most definitely! The incredible bulk of books these days takes up so much room. With the exception of a few of our favorite reads, most books are read once and left to age on a shelf somewhere. For those of us who move around ALL the time, e-readers are fantastic and completely portable. Especially those who deploy regularly, they've got baggage limitations and e-readers make it easy to enjoy free time without the worry of leaving or packing books.

2: Let me know you follow my blog. ~YES! I found you through my "guamazing" buddy Tessa and I love it!

3: Re-posting about this giveaway on your blog.

My Post! http://takeachancenavy.blogspot.com/2010/01/okay-is-this-not-awesome.html

Crystal said...

1. I don't think ebooks and readers will change the way I shop for books altogether. They do add convenience for traveling and I'll certainly take advantage of that as a military wife! But the bibliophile in me still loves holding a book in my hands and seeing it on my bookshelf.

2. I now follow your blog because of my friend, Caitlyn, who commented above!

redheadchick said...

Woohoo! You're on Crystal!

Erin said...

Oh Oh Oh Pick me! Pick Me!!!!

I am entering on behalf of my husband!

A digital reader will change my life and the way I shop for books, if I WIN one!!:P

Anonymous said...

Will e books and readers change the way you shop for books?
yes! its so hard trying to browse books with two screaming kids so i usually just skip it now.

i'm a follow

Christine said...

Will ebooks and readers change the way you shop for books?
I am entering this giveaway not because I want one for myself (of course one day I do) but because if I won I would be giving this to my dad. In April he is being deployed to Afghanistan for 12 months. This would be amazing for him to have because carrying lots of books would be impossible. This type of technology will change so many peoples lives just like my dad who will have access to more everyday items like books.

(My husband is also active duty...for the rules)

Christine said...

I am a follower!

Christine said...

Just posted about your giveaway! Here's the link.


BSS said...

I definetely think it'd change the way I buy/ read books, especially since the digital versions are usually cheaper.