Thursday, August 6, 2009

Regular Betty Crocker

With Nathan's help I completed another item on my list of things to complete before Kevin comes home list... We made meatballs today! My sister took a picture on my phone of Nathan and I hard at work- and it was super cute but my phone ate or felt it wasn't worthy (or something). Either way the damn thing delete the picture! But here is a picture of the finished product. They look rather odd in this tubberware but they have to be frozen until we're going to put em' down! ;)

We also made cheesecake brownies! I can't wait to try them. I usually make these Chocolate chip-Cheesecake Cookie Bars... but today I swapped out the choc. chip cookies for brownies! How could Brownies+Cheesecake ever be a bad thing though??! We'll see how it works out. :) yummmmm.

Yesterday was rather boring- I just deep cleaned the down stairs of my house and looked into getting insurance quotes. I did this all online but in the end they said I just had to call! What a pain... so I'll have to finish that today. Right now we're paying almost $300/month for auto and home insurance! It's outrageous. When I first shopped around for rates years ago the company we're with now were the least expensive but now it appears thy are most expensive!

Sister is napping (evidently cooking a baby makes a person TIRED) and so now I must go watch Shrek with Nathan! :) Tootle-lou people!


Lauren B. said...

looks so yummy! i'm jealous!

Paula said...

ok..heres the deal...I just finished lunch....feeling very full..then read this blog and am hungry again. sounds like you are quite the kitchen diva! I love the movie Shrek!
can't wait to see you you

Crazy Shenanigans said...

You should freeze them and mail them to me...please pretty please lol.

Erin said...

You should try USAA. It's insurance for military personnel. We have two cars and our homeowners for like $200 a month and you don't have to pay 6 months at a time to get a discount. Plus you get military benefits. Like, we suspended my husbands car insurance while he is deployed and didn't have to pay anything to do it. Plus, if he comes home on R&R, he automatically gets car insurance for up to two weeks without me even having to call and put it back on. You can get cheap deployment savings accounts with high interest rates and credit cards with really low interest rates too. It's a really good company.

Just something to look into while you are comparing insurance companies.

jenn said...

USAA is a great insurance company for military and for banking!!


all your talk of food has made me hungry!!! :)

my life isnt easy but its the only one i got said...

I can't wait to come home and try those meat balls my love. You are the best. I love you soooooo much. I will see you soon. MUAH