Monday, July 27, 2009

Major TV Networks HATE Me. =(

It seems that shows I adore always get canceled! WHY oh WHY? Evidently 'people' and I don't have the same tastes in (some) TV shows... Some of my favorites have been canceled! Here are the recent casualties:
NBC Canceled Kings!! I have a healthy obsession with monarchies and all things royal, which is why I was drawn to this show in the beginning. It was rather to clear to see where the show was headed, none-the-less I was invested and was hoping to see it unfold for myself.
(Plus he's EXTRA pretty...)
Samantha Who? Was another show I loved. It was hilarious and refreshing. Unfortunately ABC wouldn't just leave it in one time-slot! They had to be short-sighted (amongst other things) and move it around and it couldn't find/keep an audience! Well, other than me!
(Plus the title character and I share a name) teehee
Today I found a dress at Old Navy that I'm going to go back on the 30th and get for Kevin's homecoming! =) I am not really a dress kinda gal but this occasion seems worthy! PS: In just the last 2-3 months they have instated a Military Discount over at lovely Old Navy. The sales associate told me that on the "first few days of each month" a 10% discount is offered to military (active and dependents). BUT the 30th of this month they are offering a 30% discount! So, I said "put this on hold for me and I'll be back to save some pennies on the 30th!" :)
Other than that I just had to say the broad who hosted the "housewares party" on Army Wives tonight had to be the most awkward individual I'd ever seen! L.O.L.


Teresa said...

Whhhhhhat?! 30% off on the 30th?! I need to check that out.

Also "Trevor" from Army Wives is pretty good looking. Then againa fter this long lots of men are good lookin' hahaha jk ;)

jenn said...

30% off at old navy on the 30th?? -- i am def. going!!!

army wives -- love that show...and i totally agree about the awkward 'host' of the 'housewares' party!!

thanks for checking out my blog -- i hope you come by more often :o)

Lauren B. said...

i hate it when my fav tv shows get cancelled! and thanks for the tip about the mil discount!

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

HA HA! I happened upon Army Wives last night and Robert immediately set his book down to pick apart then entire show! Does Kevin do this to you? Lol...Wow, I gotta check Old Navy out!

JG said...

I liked Kings at first, when they said they based it off of the books of 1 & 2 Samuel, but then after about 6 or 7 episodes is went way left-field - plus they changed the airtime and my DVR missed a few episodes and I got lost. David always seemed a bit wussy to me in the show, which he was NOT in real life. The dude wrestled bears! But still, it was a good try.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I didn't watch either one of these shows. Sorry I couldn't help keep them on the air for ya.