Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Today started off pretty interesting:

FIRST: I was woken up many times by a very persistent and I must say annoying headache throughout the night. Kevin calls about 830 wanting to chat but really not having much to talk about other than to let me know they are going to be tearing down the phones and computers later today so I won't be able to talk to him for a while. :( As sad as this was to hear, I just could not get myself awake enough to converse with him for long -- that damn headache! So, we hang up and I wind up going back to sleep for another hour (give or take).

SECOND: I finally get out of bed (still with this throbbing headache mind you) and proceed with my normal AM routine: Potty, contacts, turn off alarm, release the Beast from his kennel and head downstairs to let him out (he has to potty too first thing in the am) and feed him. I make my way downstairs open the back door and in charges the neighbor's (who I can't stand by the way) new Pit-bull. Evidently the single broad that lived alone, now is shackin' up with some guy who comes along with a dog. This pit starts running all over my house, which drives Brody absolutely crazy. Next, this dog starts fighting with Brody. I manage to get Brody in the backyard and attempt to wrangle this nuisance to return him to the neighbor. Well, my wrangling didn't go well, this dog didn't have any tags so I didn't know his name and he was running all over my house (again). Screaming "hey" and clapping didn't get his attention. So I leave the front door open and venture next door. I knocked and rang the doorbell repeatedly for oh 5 minutes or so and nothing so I head back home. I start clapping and this dog (the pit) comes running down my stairs with the Build-a-Bear "Dog" that Kevin made for me while he was home on Mid-tour (I required him to record a voice message, aww) in his mouth!! I just about came unglued. As if that wasn't enough while attempting to get my Doggie away from him he is running all over my new leather couches!!! Grrrr... This only adds to my headache and pissiness! So I get my stuffed dog away from this nuisance dog and get him out front and we head back over to his owners house. I bang on the door for at least 15 minutes... Evidently this irresponsible couple doesn't care to answer the door (when both cars were there so they were obviously home). In the spirit of keeping a relatively unimportant event a short story... Normally I would hold this dog in my house until his owner was able to get him, but this dog was unmanageable -- attacking my Brody, eating/playing with sentimental belongings and all over my furniture. My neighbor (not the owner- on the other side) was outside and I told him that this wasn't my dog, who he belonged to and apologized if he was bothering him but he wasn't my responsibility. He said that the dog wasn't being a problem. I took advantage of his reasonable attitude and explained why I couldn't watch the dog, and ran back in the house to "cure" my (at this point) migraine! OIY!!! ....

Well back to the title and point of this blog. After I recovered from this dog invading my space and my migraine I ventured out of the house to complete a few minor errands. While I was checking in for my eye appointment I showed my military ID card. The girl at the desk said "oh, you’re a dependent?" I said "Yes, my husband is deployed for the 3rd time now." She said "You know that is something that really amazes me. I don't think I could ever be with someone who was gone so much." I sort of paused for a minute and thought about how to respond. At first I thought to myself, she really just doesn't have it in her... this unique loyalty, dependability and love which us Army Wives all possess, that allows us to stand by our soldier for years at a time. Instead of going into how she just doesn't get it blahblahblah, I simply said "Thank you. It's not always easy, and it's definitely not the life of a celebrity but I think it's worth it!" She sort of giggled (I assumed at the "celebrity" comment) and that was the end of our encounter.

It is strange for me to be recognized and appreciated by strangers; I don't quite know how to react. I remember the first time someone thanked me for my "service"..... I said "Well, thank you too." Ha ha, what a loser right? How come I couldn't come up with something more graceful, or even just appropriate to say? Ahhh, oh well! HAHAHA! I laugh at myself now thinking back on it. I think I said "thank you" back, as to say "Thank you for realizing and appreciating the support I provide for my hard working, DESERVING soldier." Not really sure, but before I could keep the words from spilling out, there it was just out in the universe for me to look back and laugh about!

All the same.. to my other Army wives out there, Thank you all for the burden you bare on behalf of your soldier and family. Thank you for being the backbone of your families and keeping things running smoothly while your soldier is gone for long periods of time. Finally, Thank you for the support you offer to other spouses out there! It means a lot [to me] to know that I'm not alone when I'm feeling petrified, lonely, or even just pissed off! :) Keep sharing your strength when I or another spouse may need it. Never know when you’ll need someone to encourage you or share their strength!!!


Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Hey there! Thanks for visiting my page and leaving a comment....I was telling high heels that I feel like I'm doing something right when I get fallowers:)I just joined last night and believe me, I've been consumed with trying to figure this blogging thing out, let along get my page to look how I want it to...Phew! Infact I was trying to click on your picture to fallow your blog but somehow I managed to do something where I am now fallowing my blog! Hows that for being concited:p I love myself so much that I have to fallow myself around...lol... Anyhow, I will definitely blog some about my current situation talking about the hubs is A-OKAY with me; He is my favoite subject:p Again, thanks for the fallow and comment...Night!

Nikki said...

Ok RE: the neighbor's dog...as I was reading this I literally shouted out OMG!! Who does that? What the heck is wrong with people? Those are scarey dogs to me and they only get a bad rep because of irresponsible owners such as your neighbors.

Ok, enough of my rant. I too never know what to say when someone gives me the same compliments. When they compliment Joe, I go on for hours in agreement with them about the sacrifices he makes. But when they turn it to me, I just say thank you like a 5 year old. In my mind it is tough,, but I wouldn't have it any other way because I have a wonderful man in my life who is worth every second of it!

liberal army wife said...

you responded perfectly! thanks for dropping by. we have a new blog you might also be interested in http://leftface.wordpress.com/


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog via Mrs GI Joe!
Look forward to reading more.

PS. I am super jealous that you are in Carson! My Dad was stationed out there way back in 95 and we loved it *except the snow, I never got used to it!*.